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My services in the college admissions process

Finding the right college


  • Initial Consultation:  Your child completes a survey to help determine what he or she feels is the right type of school.  This, in conjunction with transcripts, test scores, and interests, assists me in completing an initial college list.

  • Your child then reviews the list, completes homework by reviewing websites, and researches schools on the list.  This step can be repeated several times as we develop the final list of schools to which your child will apply.

  • Visiting Strategies:  I assist with logistics and details of visiting schools and with the interview process.  This is particularly crucial if the student wishes to play Varsity Athletics or has a special skill or talent.

Developing the Essay


  • The essay is a crucial component of the application, and as such, takes time and effort. 

  • I work with your child to help them write an essay that articulates who they are in a way that sparks the interest of the over-worked admissions staff.

  • We compile your student's resume, listing accomplishments, awards, work history as applicable, volunteer experience, and other extra-curricular activities. 

Completing the Application
  • I assist your student with completing the Common Application and/or the school-specific application.  This also includes performing that extra "nudging" your child may need to complete the applications.

  • I assist your student in determining who is best suited to write letters of recommendation.

  • If your child qualifies for scholarships, either from the colleges to which he or she is applying, or community-based scholarships, I assist with researching and completing those scholarship applications.

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